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At Cubed, we focus on building to your specification, on your timeline, on your budget to exceed all your expectations.

With our cutting-edge modular production techniques, we guarantee productivity gains of over 20%, significant cost reductions, and remarkably shorter project timelines. We can also facilitate safe site management to keep live site operating with minimal disruption.

Wherever you are in WA, we will revolutionise the way your site’s buildings are constructed and offer affordable solutions that adapt to even the most challenging sites.

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An exceptional build.

We are proud to partner with our clients, to create a customised solution, unique to specification, delivered with precision. View our portfolio of innovative projects.

Full Residential Spec Kitchen Unit within a transportable

Western Australia

Closed form transportable

Western Australia

Residential Unit with Awning Weather Protection

Western Australia

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With Cubed's innovative products, your construction projects will exceed expectations, redefine industry standards, and stand the test of time.

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We build to your needs. We customise design, fabrication and installation at a custom price. We guarantee a safer, faster, smarter build that will exceed specification and expectation.

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